Google Chrome for Android

Chrome for Android

Chrome for Android

Today Google announced it was releasing Chrome for Android (that’s the internet browser, like on your desktop – but for phones running Android) to all countries that Google supports the Play Store in.

As I’ve upgraded my Samsung Galaxy SII to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) it means I can get it – Yay!! :)

So I’ve installed (quite a large app 20MB) and my first impressions are that it’s quite good.

Seems to be fast enough (faster than the native browser) and syncs with my desktop Chrome, so I don’t need a separate app for that.  Its simple, not sure of all the options or whether it has specific add ons but I’ll try that as I go and let you know of any good or bad’s I come across.

As always with these things, it’s currently in Beta – so if you’re interested, you too can download.  I’m always wary of the sites I go to with Beta software as security settings may not be up to scratch just yet and I don’t want to inadvertently download any bad stuff.

If you’d like further details, there’s plenty in the press you you can read some brief info from their blog

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