Post provided to the RCP Project Community

NB: RCP = Rexona Clinical Protection

Day 1 – opened the pack and saw the 2 deodorant sticks. Read through the instructions and was a little bemused at the request to apply in the evening. Given I shower first thing in the morning, I thought this was a little strange. Applied that night however, and held faith in the product’s ability to withstand the morning shower. First impressions were that it was different to the other sticks I’ve used in the past as it has a ‘mesh’ over the stick itself, presumably for dispersal & to assist with application. Went on easily and no heavy stickiness. I don’t mind the fragrance, but wearing it all the time I would get used to it – so I asked my wife what she thought.. she was a bit ‘meh’.. At least she didn’t DISLIKE it.

Day 2 – During the shower, I found the layer became a bit sticky in the armpits which felt a bit uncomfortable. After getting out of the shower though it dried easily and I was starting to become skeptical of it’s ability to prevent my sweaty shirt armpits. During the day though, I had no sweating issues. Granted, it was a cool day in Melbourne. That night I put my bowling shirt on (synthetic so always the cause of sweat) and went Tenpin bowling. Pleasantly surprised – no issues. Re-applied that night, but still a little uncomfortable with applying at night before showering. Am I building layer upon layer of this stuff in my armpits here?? Am I going to end up with armpit-dandruff?

Day 3 – Feeling a little more comfortable with the process, I didn’t shower first thing as I was off the the gym. Second REAL test. Result = PASS… Again, no issue with sweating. The fragrance has almost disappeared by morning too, which for some is a good or bad thing. I don’t mind so much about not having lovely smelling armpits – just as long as they don’t stink! Working in an office all day with a Poly-cotton shirt on, after a morning at the gym.. lets see how we go.. Today is warmer in Melbourne and I’m actually starting to feel some sweat this time.

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